Features - Evolution Parking Systems

Evolution Parking System (EPS) is the next-generation parking solution that turns one parking spot into two, with the simple turn of a key.

Already extremely popular with property-developers, architects, hotels, hospitals, building-managers and home-users, EPS is the perfect solution when space is at a premium and security is required.

Whether it’s in a multi-storey carpark or a small apartment block, EPS’ functional design and solid engineering provides fuss-free, two-level parking, effectively doubling vehicle capacity for any given area.

Easy to install

Installation of the EPS vehicle stacker is simple, quick and cost-effective. No civil works are required, and the unit can also be retro-fitted (with suitable existing clearances).

Easy to use

EPS’ robust, state-of-the art design has been engineered with the user in mind. The top vehicle is simply driven straight onto the rotating platform, without the need for any awkward maneuvering. The keyed operating system also provides convenience and security.


EPS’ advanced engineering gives independent access to both the top and bottom vehicles, allowing the top car to be retrieved without having to move vehicles around. Simply insert the key, lower the car, and 60 seconds later you’re ready to drive away.


The independent functionality provides quicker access to both vehicles, as well as flexibility for the stacker to be used by two different vehicle-owners.

Uncompromising design

Car parks don’t always have to look like car parks. EPS’ sleek design creates an attractive aesthetic that can enhance the architectural elegance of any building. Further customization is also available through the installation of LED lighting or individual color specifications.